Jeremy Corbyn’s New Year Message

31st December 2015

Jeremy Corbyn shares his New Year Message for 2016 with his supporters. In the video he sums up what great progress the party have made this year under his leadership and his plans for the future. … read more

Opinion: Austerity is a choice, the right one

30th December 2015

One of the most common non-sequiturs used against austerity is that it is a choice. What is frustrating about this is how often it is quoted as though it matters. It doesn’t, because it tells us nothing either about the choice or about the other options. The argument for austerity … read more

Can a terrorist ever be a freedom fighter?

29th December 2015

“It is never morally right to kill a man. It is however sometimes necessary”. Gerry Adams Often when certain icons die you can remember exactly where you are when you hear about their passing. I can remember where I was when I heard about the passing of the former President … read more

The Morality of Autonomous Vehicles

28th December 2015

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are the future; in fact they are the now. They are destined to cut down road accidents and help avoid avoidable harm; however there may be some moral dilemmas that we should first address before we hand over our autonomy to our cars and let them be … read more

House of Lord’s Reform: Is an elected Lords the answer?

22nd December 2015

The government’s recent defeat at the hands of the Lords over child tax credits has pitted the upper chamber against the House of Commons, with constitutional experts furiously searching for historic precedents. This constitutional conundrum has led to further calls for reform, including from some who believe that the Lords … read more

The Spanish elections: What the results mean for Spain and the rest of us

21st December 2015

The frontpage of El Español, A Spanish daily newspaper, tomorrow reads “The Rajoy disaster leaves government in the wind”. Undoubtedly tonight’s result was something that Rajoy, Spain’s incumbent Prime Minister, and leader of the center-right pro-austerity People’s Party (PP) was dreading. The result tonight leaves Spain unsure who will be … read more

The Spanish General Election: The election of a generation

20th December 2015

The Debate between the two major candidates of PSOE (centre-left: Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party) and PP (centre-right: People’s Party), Pedro Sanchez and Mariano Rajoy, certainly contributed to increase the sentiment of the general public that their politicians only care about themselves. The two established parties, the Spanish equivalent of Labour and the Conservatives, … read more

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