Donald Trump – We must unite against fascism

David McKenzie - Regular Columnist

Donald Trump | Image: Gage Skidmore

What started as a fringe announcement has steamrolled its way to frontrunner status in the form of Donald J Trump. His propensity for self-indulgent and self-aggrandising talks, books, shows and buildings has propelled the man to almost unthinkable fame. He’s loud, abrasive and does things his own way… until Monday when he went a step too far.

As the majority of you will know on Monday in his own words he said in the third person ‘Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the hell is going on’ – this crass and deliberately targeted statement was to appeal to the pomposity of the radical base of the Republican party.

Using San Bernardino as a method for pushing a political ideology is both wrong and underhanded. What’s worrying however, is the lack of media discussion on what he’s actually proposing.

First of all his assertion that there’s a hatred of America from the Muslim community is entirely unfounded and ignorant, the majority of Muslims are just like you or I. Here’s where I and perhaps you the reader differ from a large section of the Muslim community…our skin colour. In advocating a ban on Muslims entering the USA what Trump is actually proposing is banning a particular race. Otherwise please propose to me how you would carry out this ridiculous assertion.

Would we have TSA agents at every airport asking if you accept Muhammad as the prophet? Do you follow the tenants of Islam?

Or more likely we would simply have racial segregation saying ‘he looks Muslim, ban him’ what Trumps supporters forget is Muslims come in all colours, Malcolm X a renowned hero of the fight against racial inequality was for the majority of his life Muslim. Lolo Soetoro the step-father of President Obama was Sunni Muslim. Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest American boxers of all time, was a Muslim.

This however is where we look into the reality of what this really is, a witch hunt. A targeted campaign against those of Arabic genealogy.

In allowing Donald J Trump to propose this agenda, The Republican party is giving a platform to Demagoguery. Bernie Sanders was correct in saying we have to combat this, we must though be smart in not simply saying Trump is wrong as people have genuine anger…we have to lead the way in showing their anger shouldn’t be thrust at those in their community who look slightly different, or practice a religion other than theirs. What we must do is show people that your anger should be pointed towards inequality everywhere.

These are worrying times, I submit to that fact. Daesh has caused fear in every section of the worldwide community. That fear must not be displaced from destabilizing communities against one another; that is exactly what they want.

In the Ukraine we have Svoboda and the Azov Battalion. In England we have the English Defense League, Britain First and the forthcoming Pegida UK. Nigel Farage stoked the fires of tension by claiming Muslims in the UK have ‘split loyalties.’ Golden Dawn continues to return parliamentary candidates to the Hellenic Parliament in Greece. Lega Nord is growing in support in Italy. France’s National Front, led by Marine Le Pen most recently gained the highest vote percentage in Regional elections.

France’s National Front has spearhead a new far-right political bloc in the European Parliament, a move that boosts the funding and influence of anti-immigrant and anti-European Union voices in the legislature.

The group, called “Europe of Nations and of Freedoms,” brings together 36 lawmakers from seven different countries. It will give a higher profile to parties that have been marginalized in Brussels.

What combines all these parties is the far-right ideology, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, Matteo Salvini all support an end to incoming immigration from Muslim countries. Donald J Trump now must be spoken of in the same sentence as these individuals.

Don’t forget it’s not so long ago Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine’s father and former leader of the National Front said “I ask myself several questions. I’m not saying the gas chambers didn’t exist. I haven’t seen them myself. I haven’t particularly studied the question. But I believe it’s just a detail in the history of World War II.’’

We must strive to tackle extremism not only against groups like Daesh but also at home. Pegida UK fronted by former EDL leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon who goes by the Pseudonym Tommy Robinson, plan to march against Sharia Law in Birmingham sometime in February.

Except Sharia Law isn’t in effect in the UK, a lot of refugee’s are actually fleeing persecution in other parts of the world under that system. There’s a vast difference between being an activist to end human rights abuses and being an activist for nativism.

So help Unite Against Fascism, help Hope not Hate as we must help these groups tackle extremism here in the western world as we are doing against Daesh.

Simply put far-right views on immigration and Muslims and banning them from countries is Fascism.

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