Albert Rivera: A rising figure in Spain’s political crisis?

Daniel Gonzalez - Regular Columnist

Albert Rivera with broadcaster Pablo Motos | Image: El Hormiguero

Albert Rivera, leader of Spain’s centre-right-wing party, Citizens, has presented a powerful and fresh image in the debates of recent months. One of them, between Rivera and Pablo Iglesias of Podemos, made Rivera seem to be a reliable candidate over Iglesias who offered a tired and grey image. Certainly Albert Rivera, is one of the main rising threats for the People’s Party and PSOE, but also for Podemos, and Pablo Iglesias. Pablo Iglesias recognized that its most immediate threat was Albert Rivera and Citizens. Several Journals speculated that Albert Rivera was one of the pieces, to form a three-party agreement: PSOE-Podemos-Citizens to oust the People’s Party out of power and install Sanchez as President; something that Albert Rivera bluntly denied. Albert Rivera, with 40 seats obtained in the Parliament has become a significant force in Spanish politics.

Albert Rivera made quite an interesting proposal, offering himself as president of a coalition government, comprised by PSOE, PP and Citizens. Theis young, fresh and charismatic image, reminds a lot to Adolfo Suarez, the first democratically elected president of Spain. Rivera managed to get close and friendly to King Philip VI and Establish a friendly link with Mariano Rajoy.

Albert Rivera has many chances to succeed, but still has to overcame many challenges, such as building a cohesionated party at a national level, as well as finishing the ambiguity that still presents to many Spaniards. Rivera is disputing Podemos, the vote of the youth, and that is something that can incline the balance in favour of one side or another. One thing is clear, the two major parties, have lost most of its attractiveness to a very large sector, of the young population in Spain. The unemployment among the youth in Spain, still ranks among the highest in the EU with more than 30%, only surpassed by Greece and Cyprus. Albert Rivera, has good intentions, in order to sort out the various problems that Spain is bearing nowadays. Contrary to what the most of the mainstream media has stated, there was a hidden consensus, in order to stop Albert Rivera, on behalf of Podemos, PSOE, and PP. It is a fact, that Albert Rivera, is openly disputing most of the youth vote to Podemos, who at first was the force to capitalize it., therefore, Albert River,a has become the number one enemy for Pablo Iglesias. For PP, Albert Rivera, is a threat, he can become the leader of the right-wing, FAES, the think tank of the PP, elaborated a report, as was documented in the book: Entre Bambalinas by Alejandro Vara and Pablo Planas, in order to demonize and vilify Albert Rivera. He was presented as a tyrannical, authoritarian, and shadowy individual. For PSOE, Albert Rivera, has become a menace, as he has got, most of the socialist votes in Catalonia, and the traditional feuds of PSOE in Spain. Albert Rivera, has a three-war front, can he win? If he reorganizes his party, and makes a more powerful and aggresive campaign, it is perfectly possible. The reasons for that are multiple: he has ideals, such as the defense of Spain, the spanish language, the recovery of the economy, he is a professional. Plus, he is not corrupted, none of Albert Rivera´s inner circle, is guilty of corruption.

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