Corbyn vs May: Voting Record

Image Credits: Home Office, Garry Knight

In this series of articles, we will be comparing Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May – this week we are comparing their voting records on key issues. While the Conservatives are launching a general election campaign targeted at the character of Jeremy Corbyn, we thought it would be fitting to compare Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn’s Parliamentary voting record on key issues.

Rail Fares

May voted against capping rail fares at a 1% increase plus inflation per year following public outcry over the burdening cost of rail journeys.

Corbyn voted for capping rail fares to make them more affordable.

Tuition Fees

May voted to raise tuition fees to £9000 per year, which by 2017 means that students can leave university with over £50,000 of debt. May, on the other hand, didn’t have to pay a single pound for her degree in Geography from St Hugh’s College, Oxford.

Corbyn supported students, voting against raising tuition fees to £9000 per year

LGBT Rights

May voted against introducing an equal age of consent for heterosexual and homosexual couples. She instead supported a higher age of consent of 18 for male homosexual sex. In the debate, she sided with a fellow Conservative MP who argued that 16-17 year olds are “particularly vulnerable to seduction by older men which might make them permanently homosexual, when they might otherwise have worked through their doubts and proclivities to a normal heterosexual orientation.”

Corbyn voted to equalise the age of consent to 16 along with most Members of Parliament.

May voted in support of Section 28 of the Local Government Act, which banned schools from “intentionally promoting” homosexuality. The act promoted homophobia, prevented teachers from protecting homosexual pupils from bullying, and endorsed the idea that homosexuality can be ‘promoted’ and thus is not biologically determined.

Corbyn voted to repeal Section 28 along with most Members of Parliament.

In 2013, May reversed her stance on LGBT rights, and supported the introduction of same-sex marriage, but this was only after years of opposing equal rights.

Corbyn voted for same sex marriage, continuing his record of supporting LGBT rights.

Iraq War

May voted in favour of the Iraq War along with 146 other Conservative MPs, despite the lack of conclusive evidence that Sadaam Hussain possessed weapons of mass destruction, and the subsequent death toll calculated in the hundreds of thousands.

Corbyn voted against the Iraq War along with 84 other Labour MPs.

Lowering the Voting Age

May voted against considering a bill that would have lowered the voting age to 16, agreeing with MPs who argued that 16-17 year olds were not mature enough to cast a vote.

Corbyn voted for considering a bill that would have lowered the the voting age to 16.

NHS Privatisation

May voted in favour of passing the Health and Social Care Act, which allowed private companies to play a larger role in the NHS by being paid by the taxpayer to deliver NHS treatment, making a profit from taxpayers’ money used to fund NHS services.

Corbyn voted against passing the Health and Social Care Act.


All information sourced from the Hansard Parliamentary Journal