The Orator view on the election: Vote Labour

When Britain went to the polls in 2010, few could have anticipated quite how disastrous the next seven years would have been. The country is poorer, homelessness is at a record high, and the NHS is in crisis. We need a popular, positive vision for this country more than ever.

Here is why you need to vote Labour:

Health and Social Care

The Tories have ravaged our NHS over the past seven years. From bringing in the Health and Social Care Act (2012) that set into motion the wholesale privatisation of NHS services, or Jeremy Hunt’s vendetta war against junior doctors. They don’t have the best interests of doctors or their patients at heart. Furthermore, cuts to local government funding under the Tories has resulted in historic cuts social care, leading to a social care crisis, and humanitarian crisis declared by the Red Cross last year.

The Labour party created the NHS, and they are the only party that can protect it from Tory cuts and privatisation. They have promised to put an immediate halt to privatisation, and to put the much needed money back into social care. The NHS isn’t in crisis because of an ageing population, our population has always been ageing. The sudden crisis is a result of Tory cuts to the NHS and social care, and Labour are the only party that can address it.


Real wages are falling, the pound is down against the dollar, and in-work poverty is at a record high. The Tories haven’t bothered to cost their manifesto, and have again and again refused to rule out income tax rises for low and medium earning working families – this would put our economic growth at risk.

Labour’s manifesto is fully costed and offers a positive and concrete vision for how to grow our economy for the many, not the few. If the economy if your key concern, there is no doubt that Labour are the party that deserve your vote.

Young people

From tripling your university fees and abolishing your educational maintenance allowance and student grants, to cutting school budgets in real terms, the Tories have been disastrous on education. Remember Michael Gove?.. need I say any more. If the Tories win the election, worse is to come. Theresa May plans to build more grammar schools, segregating our children by economic background. She plans to take away free school meals from 6 and 7 year olds, literally taking food from children’s mouths. Worse still, she plans a ruthless cut to school budgets, the largest in a generation, seeing some schools lose as much as £700 per child in real terms.

We can all trust Labour on education, look at the success of the London Challenge under the Blair government, where we transformed the worst schools in the country to some of the very best in less than a decade. Labour will abolish tuition fees, invest in apprenticeships, and invest in education.


Theresa May has a disastrous record as Home Secretary. She has presided over the cutting of 20,000 police officers, including 1000 armed officers. Furthermore, her cruel immigration reforms has put vulnerable men, women and children at risk from sexual and physical abuse. Amber Rudd, the current Home Secretary wants you to ‘judge us on our record’ – please do so tomorrow.

Corbyn has promised to put more money into the police service, particularly into community policing, which plays a critical role in fighting extremism and domestic violence.


It is common sense that rail privatisation didn’t work and that the renationalisation of our railways is long overdue. The Labour party is the only party that promises to address these issues and bring the railways back into public ownership.


Remember to use your vote tomorrow and vote Labour.