About Us

The Orator is a progressive media platform, giving a voice to progressives from across the centre-left. We are an up and coming, start-up with fresh and new ideas. At a time of public distrust of the media, The Orator seeks to provide reliable, unbiased media coverage of the important issues of our time. We seek to not only inform and present new perspectives and opinions to our audience, but to also spark debate on important ongoing issues.


Our writers come from across the progressive political sphere – they include members of the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party, as well as pressure groups such as Progress, Momentum and Republic.


As journalists, we take our responsibility to be truthful and impartial very seriously. All articles abide by the National Union of Journalists Code of Conduct, and are carefully researched and checked to ensure that they are as truthful and impartial as possible.


We listen to our readers, taking on their suggestions and listening to their concerns, to constantly improve our platform. Furthermore, the website is a cooperative enterprise. Any publication is the sum of the contributions of its writers, so we value our writers, giving them a say over how the website is run.