Turkey’s week of terror leads country to the brink

2nd August 2015

Last week’s bomb attack in the Turkish town of Suruç, which left 32 people dead has triggered a chain of events which has led to Turkey belatedly joining the war on ISIS, aswell as ending a long-standing ceasefire with the Kurdish PKK. Turkey’s week of terror beginning in Suruç on July … read more

The ‘Tinpot Despot’: The ambitions of Vladimir Putin

1st August 2015

Russia has always had a reputation for hard, steely leaders, cloaked in a thick veil of infallibility and patriotic rhetoric. The on-going Litvinenko inquiry, underway in London since January of this year, has seen the blame for the former FSB agent’s death placed squarely on the feet of the Russian state. Yesterday, … read more

China, the near seas and a Game of Chess

1st August 2015

When playing a game of chess and you manage to take the opposing players’ Queen, very often a small sense of smug self-satisfaction overrides your senses. That smugness, egotism and hubris clouds your perception of events and elevates your awareness of those events as a backdrop to your own infallibility … read more

The ‘migrant crisis’ – an uncomfortable truth

31st July 2015

The pictures of ‘Operation Stack’, showing miles of queuing traffic, vehicles full of disgruntled lorry drivers and frustrated would-be holiday makers alike, evoke empathy in all of us – after all, few people would describe being stuck in a traffic jam for hours on end as a pleasant experience. But … read more

Turkey and the politics of force

30th July 2015

Expectation of the future always keeps nations in constant suspense and agitation over what course potential allies will take. Especially in our age of protracted asymmetric warfare and conflict that blurs the line between victory and defeat. It seems to have taken an inordinate amount of time for Turkey to … read more

Why Iran’s nuclear deal might be a success

26th July 2015

With the recent deal that has been orchestrated by the six superpowers on Iran’s nuclear stockpiles, it has become a clear message to many countries that going nuclear, means abiding by codes of conduct. Iran has resisted these rules for too long, and because of that, they dealt with the … read more

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