Albert Rivera: A rising figure in Spain’s political crisis?

9th February 2016

Albert Rivera, leader of Spain’s centre-right-wing party, Citizens, has presented a powerful and fresh image in the debates of recent months. One of them, between Rivera and Pablo Iglesias of Podemos, made Rivera seem to be a reliable candidate over Iglesias who offered a tired and grey image. Certainly Albert … read more

Boiling Waters in the South China Sea

6th February 2016

On Saturday 30th January 2016 a United States guided missile destroyer the USS Curtis Wilbur conducted a Freedom of Navigation Patrol in the hotly contested Paracel Islands. The patrol required the Curtis Wilbur to engage in “innocent passage” within the 12-nautical mile territorial zone of Triton Island as allowed under … read more

Runners and Riders: The race for the American Presidency

5th February 2016

On the 20th January 2017 President Barack Obama will leave the White House for the last time and the free world will have a new leader. After 8 long years in office, most of it plagued by congressional gridlock, the first black president will leave the most powerful office in the … read more

The Refugee Crisis through the eyes of Banksy

30th January 2016

The anonymous artist known as “Banksy,” has once again put his artistic and poignant spin on current affairs. Amid reports of the use of tear gas in Refugee Camps in Calais, a new piece of graffiti has appeared opposite the French Embassy in London. The iconic “Les Miserables” image of … read more

Podemos’ rise to power: Not so fast

22nd January 2016

Podemos, the biggest sensation in the Spanish political arena for decades, has been a hot topic of debate in recent weeks. The latest polls put them in a stalemate with PSOE, gaining between 50 and 80 seats in the Parliament if an election was held today. However, other polls cipher it on just … read more

Cyprus: Reuniting a divided island

20th January 2016

Progress has been made on ending one of the longest standing conflicts on Europe’s eastern frontier. Unlike the stalemates ranging from eastern Ukraine, to Crimea, to northern Georgia and Syria, the 41 year partition of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean appears to be a place where Europe’s embattled diplomats might … read more

The death of Zahran Alloush: A blow to the peace process?

20th January 2016

The death of a key Syrian insurgent leader threatens to have significant consequences for the Syrian civil war and its nascent peace process. Zahran Alloush, founder and commander of Jaish Al-Islam (JAI), was killed in a targeted strike in Eastern Ghouta, the only rebel held Damascus suburb and home to … read more

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