Opinion: Votes at 16, what’s the harm?

17th January 2016

It is often said that votes at sixteen is a bad idea, however with support from three of the four Westminster parties (Labour, Liberal Democrat and the SNP) it is seeming to be an increasingly realistic policy, with recent developments such as the House of Lords amendment to the EU … read more

The Morality of Autonomous Vehicles

28th December 2015

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are the future; in fact they are the now. They are destined to cut down road accidents and help avoid avoidable harm; however there may be some moral dilemmas that we should first address before we hand over our autonomy to our cars and let them be … read more

The NHS helped me, now it needs our help!

18th November 2015

Yesterday, I experienced one of the the weirdest, slightly frightening but also hugely grateful days of my life in recent memory. After arriving at work at 9am, I exited my car and immediately felt strange. Suddenly the left side of my vision began to experience white and black flashing lines. … read more

Crime and inequality: A dangerous misunderstanding

4th November 2015

Police and Crime Commissioners through England are seeking legal advice on government proposals to change the way that funding is allocated to forces across the country. The changes could see funding cuts to some forces and the PCCs argue that this will make it impossible for them to do their … read more

Opinion: Drugs and Sex: Is it time to legalize our desires?

21st October 2015

This article expresses what could generally be considered as a rather controversial view, the Orator in no way endorses the views of individual writers. Have your say too by commenting below! Every day the Conservative government tells us we are in a time of austerity; the treasury is dry and … read more

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