Homes for the Homeless: How Utah is solving the epidemic of homelessness

19th September 2015

Homelessness is simultaneously an embarrassing and tragic problem for advanced countries to deal with. It has also proven to be one of the most enduring problems. Homelessness happens for a number of reasons such as long term unemployment, underemployment, family breakdown, mental health issues, substance abuse or even bereavement. Most … read more

Why Corporate Egg Freezing Schemes Are Giving Us The Chills

8th September 2015

Whilst egg freezing is acknowledged as a wholly viable and practical means of fertility preservation- on medical grounds- for women here in the UK, the procedure is proving itself to be in vogue for many career women across the pond. Silicon Valley giants, such as Apple and Facebook, have subsequently … read more

The sad truth about poverty

29th August 2015

When we talk about poverty, the first few images that come to our head is the struggle that people go through in places such as Africa, India and other poverty stricken countries. Unfortunately there is a sad fact hidden beneath the imagination that’s been given to us – poverty has … read more

#FreeTheNipple: Is it time we debated the topic?

27th August 2015

The following article touches on topics of sexuality and nudity. This may be inappropriate for younger audiences, viewer discretion is advised.   Last weekend I took the short trip across Scotland from Glasgow to Edinburgh for my yearly pilgrimage to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I anticipated entertainment, fun and maybe … read more

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