The politics of pragmatism – Why Corbyn is a gamble

4th August 2015

Jeremy Corbyn’s personal brand of no-nonsense, anti-austerity ‘Corbynomics’ seems to be gathering momentum by the day, garnering Labour thousands of new supporters as well as bringing hope to many disillusioned  left-wingers around the country who have felt abandoned by the Party since the Blair era turned sour. His appeal is … read more

Opinion: Why I’m Voting Corbyn

2nd August 2015

It can be said by no-one that the last minute arrival of Jeremy Corbyn onto the ballot paper to elect the next Labour leader has not lit ablaze a contest that would otherwise have been dull, lifeless and somewhat predictable. It has created a new wave of hope for a … read more

The ‘migrant crisis’ – an uncomfortable truth

31st July 2015

The pictures of ‘Operation Stack’, showing miles of queuing traffic, vehicles full of disgruntled lorry drivers and frustrated would-be holiday makers alike, evoke empathy in all of us – after all, few people would describe being stuck in a traffic jam for hours on end as a pleasant experience. But … read more

The first and third sector – creating a communicative marriage

30th July 2015

Communication is vital to a loving relationship, and so a period of muted silence between the government and the third sector has led to marital strife. Sparing an intervention by Jeremy Kyle, or a dismissive romantic weekend away, our tight-lipped couple must communicate more to benefit us, their wards. Picture … read more

Isn’t it time we dealt with inequality in Britain?

23rd July 2015

After a shock defeat in last month’s general election, Ed Miliband returned to the Commons on Thursday to talk about inequality. The now backbench MP started by saying that he was “disappointed with Labour’s election defeat”, taking full responsibility. But after telling a joke to the House of how his … read more

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