The trouble with Labour and Jeremy Corbyn

6th September 2016

How much can change in a year? A vote to leave the European Union, a new Prime Minister and Donald Trump could be the American President… Yet, the Labour party are once again having a Leadership election with Jeremy Corbyn at the receiving end of a media smear campaign. … read more

Theresa May: What kind of Prime Minister will she be?

11th July 2016

Today, Theresa May unexpectedly won the Conservative leadership contest, after the 1922 Committee declared that after Andrea Leadsom’s withdrawal from the contest, she will be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and very soon. But who is she, and what are her policies? By publicly stating that she … read more

Farage resigns as UKIP leader: Will UKIP survive without him?

10th July 2016

A shocking event occurred this week, one nor you or I would have expected. A prominent political figure announced their sudden resignation.  A figure who has certainly attracted controversy over the years, while developing a new, unique brand of politics. Nigel Farage has announced his sudden resignation as leader of … read more

Opinion: How will David Cameron be remembered?

30th June 2016

Every Prime Minister leaves a legacy, and not necessarily ones they would have wanted; Gordon Brown was at the helm when the economy fell off a cliff, Tony Blair is closely associated with foreign wars, and John Major is remembered as weak and ineffectual by many. David Cameron leaves behind … read more

EU Referendum: Where was the other half of the UK?

29th June 2016

Whether you are thrilled or distraught with the decision to leave the European Union the fact that only 33.5m out of a 64.1m population chose to vote is seriously concerning. Considering this was such an important decision, some would say the biggest political decision we will ever have, the fact … read more

Corbyn was always on thin ice… and now it’s cracking

28th June 2016

To paraphrase a Twitter user: If only Jeremy Corbyn was as passionate during the referendum, as he is stubborn about his leadership. On late Monday afternoon, four days after the EU referendum, he addressed a crowd, saying he would refuse to stand down, despite two-thirds of his cabinet resigning, urging … read more

Could Labour be set to lose its leader?

26th June 2016

The EU referendum has been a divisive period of time permeated by disillusion with the establishment. Is anyone satisfied? For Remain voters this is a devastating defeat, for Leave voters, politicians have already failed to live up to promises. No political party has benefitted. Farage may speak as if he … read more

Brexit: Unchartered Waters

25th June 2016

After decades of growing euro-scepticism the UK voted on the 23rd June 2016 to leave the European Union with a majority of 51.89% to 48.11% . Now everyone is wondering, what happens next? Well nothing immediately. For at least the next two years there will be little change, EU nationals … read more

Referendumb: Do Referendums enhance democracy?

22nd June 2016

  Recent EU referendum polls show a swing back towards the Remain side of the argument. The pound has picked up against the dollar, following the murder of Jo Cox MP by Far-Right maniac: polls straddling the tragedy show a decrease in the lead of Leave by 6 percentage points. … read more

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