How ‘Brexit’ could collapse the entire European Union

22nd June 2016

A historic moment has arrived. Tomorrow, scores of voters across Britain will shuffle down to their nearest polling station to vote on the UK’s future within the European Union. It’s certainly come around quickly. Enmity towards the European project — something that has been building up since drastic steps were taken to ‘bring us … read more

Why I will be voting for the UK to leave the European Union

22nd June 2016

This Thursday, British voters face perhaps the biggest vote in a generation. Regardless of your views on the EU, few can deny that the decision we make will have a profound impact on this country for generations to come. Despite the apocalyptic predictions of doom from the Remain campaign, my … read more

Vote Yes to the EU and No to fear and uncertainty

22nd June 2016

Ron Silver lamented: “The twentieth century has exhibited a barbarism and lack of respect for human life on a massive scale just about unknown before.” Over a period of seventy years, France and Germany went to war three times. Europe was the cauldron that brimmed two world wars resulting in … read more

New IRA? – Old Problems?

18th June 2016

Irish Nationalism as an ideology has always been about it’s followers having to face divisions between their high hopes and political reality.  Michael Collins, the Irish Republican and independence leader was the first to confront this dilemma and was ultimately killed by it.  He argued that accepting the 1921 Anglo-Irish … read more

Jo Cox: A Tribute

17th June 2016

Yesterday was incredibly tragic. I simply cannot describe the horrible feeling in my gut upon learning the news, the outpouring of sadness and affection for a woman, spouse, mother and politician rightly described as gifted and with an immense heart. I’ve spent quite some time at Labour and Parliamentary events … read more

Fear and Loathing: The Prospect of Neverendum

7th June 2016

Euroscepticism in Britain has been fuelled by a sense of betrayal and grievance. In 1973, when Britain joined the European Economic Community, as it was then known, Prime Minister Ted Heath focused solely on the economic benefits, despite being fully aware that the EEC would undertake a political evolution that … read more

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