The Orator view on the election: Vote Labour

7th June 2017

When Britain went to the polls in 2010, few could have anticipated quite how disastrous the next seven years would have been. The country is poorer, homelessness is at a record high, and the NHS is in crisis. We need a popular, positive vision for this country more than ever. Here is why … read more

Labour on course for best election result since 2001

20th May 2017

The Conservative lead over Labour has now reduced to only 9 points in the latest poll. Labour enjoy a record 35% vote share, rising from 26% just three weeks ago. If the current trend continues, Labour could be on course to receive upwards of 39% of the vote in the upcoming … read more

Corbyn vs May: Voting Record

25th April 2017

In this series of articles, we will be comparing Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May – this week we are comparing their voting records on key issues. While the Conservatives are launching a general election campaign targeted at the character of Jeremy Corbyn, we thought it would be fitting to compare … read more

Sadiq Khan “part and parcel” remarks are fake news

23rd March 2017

In the aftermath of the horrific attack on the heart of our country’s democracy yesterday, right-wing figures including Nigel Farage and Donald Trump Jr exploited the attack to launch a smear campaign on Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim Mayor of London, somehow implying that he is complacent with terrorism. This … read more

Editorial: Why the Junior Doctors contract will destroy the NHS

26th April 2016

This morning, the BMA initiated a 48 hour strike involving junior doctors, after the government refused to return to the negotiation table, after months of Hunt ignoring the concerns that junior doctors have about the new contract. The consensus among junior doctors is still that the new contract will result … read more

The Spanish elections: What the results mean for Spain and the rest of us

21st December 2015

The frontpage of El Español, A Spanish daily newspaper, tomorrow reads “The Rajoy disaster leaves government in the wind”. Undoubtedly tonight’s result was something that Rajoy, Spain’s incumbent Prime Minister, and leader of the center-right pro-austerity People’s Party (PP) was dreading. The result tonight leaves Spain unsure who will be … read more

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