About Alexi Demetriadi

Alexi is a History, Politics and Economics BA student at UCL, but has taken a year off prior to this to learn more about international politics. Recently he has; worked for the Thai Committee for Refugees, written for The New Internationalist and visited North Korea. He is an active Labour Party member and ran for the party in the local elections in May. You can follow Alexi on Twitter @ADemetriadi

Erbil: Life on the doorstep of ISIS

7th September 2016

Erbil city centre is deserted. Restaurants and teahouses are locked and bordered up while the streets are clear of much traffic and pedestrians. A lone figure can be seen in the main square, resting under the shade of a small tree. ISIS are little more than an hours drive west … read more

Opinion: What Labour can learn from Lincoln

24th November 2015

On May 18th 1860 in Chicago, Illinois, Abraham Lincoln, a skilled and intelligent but little known Illinois prairie lawyer, was nominated against the odds and public expectations as the newly formed Republican Party presidential nominee for the upcoming election. The well-liked lawyer, and former two year Congressman, would go on … read more