About Catherine McNaughton

Catherine McNaughton is currently a History undergraduate student at the University of York. She enjoys writing about global affairs and the under-represented views in politics. She is also interested in the history of America, particularly in terms of development of diversity. Follow Catherine on Twitter @__CatherineMac

The trouble with Labour and Jeremy Corbyn

6th September 2016

How much can change in a year? A vote to leave the European Union, a new Prime Minister and Donald Trump could be the American President… Yet, the Labour party are once again having a Leadership election with Jeremy Corbyn at the receiving end of a media smear campaign. … read more

A tragic end to a peaceful protest in Dallas

9th July 2016

In what President Obama has called a “vicious, calculated, despicable attack on law enforcement,” five American police officers have been shot and killed in Dallas. On Thursday evening, five police officers were murdered with a further seven injured as one known shooter fired from an “elevated position” in downtown Dallas. … read more

Could Labour be set to lose its leader?

26th June 2016

The EU referendum has been a divisive period of time permeated by disillusion with the establishment. Is anyone satisfied? For Remain voters this is a devastating defeat, for Leave voters, politicians have already failed to live up to promises. No political party has benefitted. Farage may speak as if he … read more

The Refugee Crisis through the eyes of Banksy

30th January 2016

The anonymous artist known as “Banksy,” has once again put his artistic and poignant spin on current affairs. Amid reports of the use of tear gas in Refugee Camps in Calais, a new piece of graffiti has appeared opposite the French Embassy in London. The iconic “Les Miserables” image of … read more

Opinion: Why is Feminism still a contentious issue?

21st January 2016

Feminism: The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes Why is this such a difficult concept for many to grasp? Since the movement came to prominence in the 1970s, it has not always been popular. Criticism, although, was not only from men. Equal pay, … read more