About Tal Tyagi

Aiming to be principled but pragmatic and creative yet critical, Tal Tyagi is a writer, marketing executive and Politics student at the University of Warwick. He regularly contributes to several publications with a particular focus on international development, security and criminal justice. With experience working in campaigning, in the heart of government education policy and the charity sector, he has ´insider´ political knowledge.

Cutting the costs of crime: For a more equitable prison system

4th September 2016

Violent crime costs the UK over £124 billion a year, £4,700 for every household. The biggest assault on the public purse is prison expenditure. The annual cost of a prison place in England and Wales marks around £37,648. This surpasses the fees of even the most prestigous private schools. Yet … read more

Vote Yes to the EU and No to fear and uncertainty

22nd June 2016

Ron Silver lamented: “The twentieth century has exhibited a barbarism and lack of respect for human life on a massive scale just about unknown before.” Over a period of seventy years, France and Germany went to war three times. Europe was the cauldron that brimmed two world wars resulting in … read more

The Soviet Union: Lessons in Dissolution, Development & Discovery

22nd May 2016

The USSR should never be viewed through rose-tinted glasses. In the voyage for utopia, a sea of blood was crossed and a workers’ paradise was never actualised. Nevertheless, a recent poll shows that 57% of Russians would resurrect the old system. Tal Tyagi explores why this is the case and concludes that the Soviet experiment provides important lessons in international development. … read more

Teens, Not Criminals: The journey towards a Second-Chance Society

29th January 2016

Following a High Court ruling on the 22nd of January, it has been declared that criminal record checks are ‘unlawful‘ and ‘arbitrary’ because they force those applying to certain jobs (such as teaching and social care) to disclose “minor silliness.” By this the judges meant non-violent offences that have been … read more

Saudi Arabia: How Their Future Affects Our Fate

8th January 2016

As the world welcomed 2016 with fireworks and music, Saudi Arabia spilled the blood of 47 people. Now that the spotlight shines on this dungeon of a regime, it should be seen for what it is. It has been one of our closest allies while simultaneously being the largest exporter … read more

History; Our Weapon against ISIS

28th November 2015

No horror movie could be as terrifying as the fate which befell Paris on Friday the 13th. Chants of “Allah uh akbar!” amidst shooting and “This is for Syria!” were apparently yelled. Given the recent targeting of “Jihadi John” by US air strikes, you do not have to be Sherlock … read more