A tragic end to a peaceful protest in Dallas

9th July 2016

In what President Obama has called a “vicious, calculated, despicable attack on law enforcement,” five American police officers have been shot and killed in Dallas. On Thursday evening, five police officers were murdered with a further seven injured as one known shooter fired from an “elevated position” in downtown Dallas. … read more

The US Presidential Election: Competing Visions about US Power

31st March 2016

It is often hard to take seriously the hyperbolic language that is being thrown about in the primaries phase of the US Presidential election, particularly on the Republican side.  Marco Rubio, short-sightedly in my opinion, has vowed to repeal the US-Cuban reconciliation.   Donald Trump seems to revel in evermore bizarre … read more

Boiling Waters in the South China Sea

6th February 2016

On Saturday 30th January 2016 a United States guided missile destroyer the USS Curtis Wilbur conducted a Freedom of Navigation Patrol in the hotly contested Paracel Islands. The patrol required the Curtis Wilbur to engage in “innocent passage” within the 12-nautical mile territorial zone of Triton Island as allowed under … read more

Runners and Riders: The race for the American Presidency

5th February 2016

On the 20th January 2017 President Barack Obama will leave the White House for the last time and the free world will have a new leader. After 8 long years in office, most of it plagued by congressional gridlock, the first black president will leave the most powerful office in the … read more

Corruption on the Paranoá: The Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff

15th December 2015

Living in the UK, we don’t tend to hear much about developments in the Latin American world. For various historic and ethnographic reasons, stories emerging from Central and Southern America tend to gain little mainstream press coverage here. It’s a shame really, because the Spanish and Portuguese speaking regions of … read more

Trump’s nativism is nothing new

14th December 2015

Donald Trump recently shocked the world yet again by proposing that Muslims be barred from entry into the USA. He has been castigated for his remarks by the leaders of both parties, leaders abroad and a storm on social media. This article isn’t about them. It has been said, quite … read more

Donald Trump – We must unite against fascism

11th December 2015

What started as a fringe announcement has steamrolled its way to frontrunner status in the form of Donald J Trump. His propensity for self-indulgent and self-aggrandising talks, books, shows and buildings has propelled the man to almost unthinkable fame. He’s loud, abrasive and does things his own way… until Monday … read more

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