Opinion: George Bush wasn’t a bad president

5th November 2015

It is now almost 7 years since George Bush left the White House. His exit from office at the end of his second term was greeted with celebrations by many and regardless of one’s political views, it is impossible to deny that by the end of his presidency he was … read more

Slavery Reparations: Yes or No?

3rd November 2015

There is no question at all of whether the UK is guilty of having once been involved in the slave trade, this is not in doubt. According to UNESCO an estimate 25-30 million Africans, men, women and children, were forcibly taken from Africa and brought into slavery by European powers … read more

Homes for the Homeless: How Utah is solving the epidemic of homelessness

19th September 2015

Homelessness is simultaneously an embarrassing and tragic problem for advanced countries to deal with. It has also proven to be one of the most enduring problems. Homelessness happens for a number of reasons such as long term unemployment, underemployment, family breakdown, mental health issues, substance abuse or even bereavement. Most … read more

Molina under siege: Will the real Guatemalan drug lords fall too?

4th September 2015

Recently, the Supreme Council of Justice of Guatemala, passed the first stage to indict the president of Guatemala Otto Perez Molina, because of traffic of influence, corruption, Money laundering, and appropriation of public funds. Molina´s immunity as a public official, will be decided by the Guatemalan Congress, it will be … read more

Venezuela and Wall Street: A dangerous liason

2nd September 2015

When we think about Venezuela, the first images that come to our minds are those of President Hugo Chavez insulting the USA, Wall Street and the Big Corporations, making a speech about the freedom of the Latin Americans, and of the greatness of Simon Bolivar. One might proclaim that Chavez, and his Socialism … read more

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