The US and Cuba: Getting closer?

25th August 2015

The United States and Cuba: Getting Closer? Eight years ago I was on holiday with my family in Cuba.  We had taken a tour of the country visiting spots like Caya de Coco, Trinidad, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos and finally Havana.  A few hours after arriving at our hotel, my mother … read more

Republic Rom-Com: Is Mitt Romney The Republicans’ Best Hope?

24th August 2015

Mitt Romney was soundly beaten in the 2012 Presidential Elections, with a Republican internal war looming: is Mitt actually their best option for 2016? Donald Trump currently leads the polls in the Republican race for candidate selection, a business man with a proven track record of success. He’s also a … read more

Muddying the Waters in the Near Seas

19th August 2015

For some,  America’s pivot to the Asia-Pacific region in 2011 was a welcome return to what the United States did best, focusing on projecting its vast conventional  military power in regions that faced rising military tensions in order to bring stability and to reassure nervous allies. No longer would American … read more

Venezuela: The Coming Collapse of the Bolivarian Regime

18th August 2015

Nicolas Maduro, the president of Venezuela, has announced the existence of a Plot directed by the Far Right, and ordered by the US to sabotage Venezuela; Maduro spoke about the Plan Buitre (Vulture Plan), that the US, in collusion with the Venezuelan opposition is trying to carry out. This is nothing … read more

Jesse Ventura: A third party presidental candidate?

16th August 2015

US politics has always been a myriad of opposing views, everything from gun laws and abortion to healthcare and drug laws are locked in a contentious battle. Two opposing parties who couldn’t be further separated in viewpoints, its Democrat vs Republican, Fox vs MSNBC and North vs South. Despite the … read more

What is TTIP and What Could It Mean?

13th August 2015

A Brief Exploration of What TTIP Could Mean A lot has been said about the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, better known as TTIP, since a draft was leaked in March of last year. The details of the agreement between the EU and US are currently being negotiated and … read more

The puzzle of reforming the UN

10th August 2015

To me, the political issue of reforming the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) exemplifies many typical political problems.  Almost everyone sees reform as an issue that needs to be addressed but not exactly how it should be.  The story of the history of politics if ever there was one.  As one … read more

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