Erbil: Life on the doorstep of ISIS

7th September 2016

Erbil city centre is deserted. Restaurants and teahouses are locked and bordered up while the streets are clear of much traffic and pedestrians. A lone figure can be seen in the main square, resting under the shade of a small tree. ISIS are little more than an hours drive west … read more

The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: Much the same in the South Caucasus

23rd April 2016

April 18 In his fascinating account of the USSR, Imperium, the Polish journalist, Ryszard Kapuscinski describes a flying visit to Nagorno-Karabakh in the early 1990s. The area was sealed off by Soviet troops, attempting to keep the peace between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces. Defying the Kremlin and arguably common sense, … read more

The Untold Persecution of Christians In the Middle East

7th March 2016

The topic of Christian persecution is a difficult and sensitive one in a country increasingly allegoric to any mention of Christianity and especially of Christian repression. The problem is that Christian persecution, particularly in North Africa and the Middle East, has been mostly ignored in recent decades by the political … read more

China on Nuclear High Alert

23rd February 2016

Following the atomic explosion of North Korea’s fourth nuclear test there has been much fallout in the region in both political and military terms. On the 17th February 2016 the United States flew four F-22 Raptors out of Osan Air Base in South Korea as a demonstration of its commitment … read more

Boiling Waters in the South China Sea

6th February 2016

On Saturday 30th January 2016 a United States guided missile destroyer the USS Curtis Wilbur conducted a Freedom of Navigation Patrol in the hotly contested Paracel Islands. The patrol required the Curtis Wilbur to engage in “innocent passage” within the 12-nautical mile territorial zone of Triton Island as allowed under … read more

The death of Zahran Alloush: A blow to the peace process?

20th January 2016

The death of a key Syrian insurgent leader threatens to have significant consequences for the Syrian civil war and its nascent peace process. Zahran Alloush, founder and commander of Jaish Al-Islam (JAI), was killed in a targeted strike in Eastern Ghouta, the only rebel held Damascus suburb and home to … read more

Saudi Arabia: How Their Future Affects Our Fate

8th January 2016

As the world welcomed 2016 with fireworks and music, Saudi Arabia spilled the blood of 47 people. Now that the spotlight shines on this dungeon of a regime, it should be seen for what it is. It has been one of our closest allies while simultaneously being the largest exporter … read more

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