Life on the Streets of Delhi

2nd January 2016

It’s a hot and dusty, late September morning and I’m slowly drifting around the chaotic tapestry of narrowing alleys and lanes that are home to Delhi’s famous bazaars. “Hello! My name is Ajay,” says an enthusiastic young Delhi-wallah as he greets me with his outstretched arm, “but everyone calls me … read more

Turkey’s downing of a Russian bomber: The implications

1st December 2015

On Tuesday 24th November the World was left in shock after a Turkish F-16 jet shot down a Russian Su-24 bomber, arguing that the Russian bomber had breached Turkish airspace and thus the Turkish military acted in accordance with their rules of engagement. The circumstances of this are very shady … read more

History; Our Weapon against ISIS

28th November 2015

No horror movie could be as terrifying as the fate which befell Paris on Friday the 13th. Chants of “Allah uh akbar!” amidst shooting and “This is for Syria!” were apparently yelled. Given the recent targeting of “Jihadi John” by US air strikes, you do not have to be Sherlock … read more

No End in Sight: The Fight against Islamic Extremism

28th November 2015

A sense of shock still pervades after the horrific attacks in Paris masterminded by Islamic State that saw 130 people slaughtered while enjoying Friday night socializing. These attacks follow on from recent outrages by IS in Tunisia, Beirut and on a plane over the Sinai Peninsula, which killed all 224 … read more

How should we fight ISIS?

23rd November 2015

Last week I went to the Belfast Model United Nations Conference 2015 to represent Pakistan on the Human Rights Council. During one of the lunch breaks I talked to one of the French students from Grenoble. I am a veteran of a few years at Model UN and she was … read more

What do the Paris Attacks mean for world order?

19th November 2015

In the wake of the horrific terrorist attack in Paris on Friday 13th November there has understandably been much discussion not just in France but also in Britain as to what can be done to prevent further attacks in future. The attacks have also brought the West’s anti-ISIS strategy to … read more

The Paris Tragedy – A tale of two halves

15th November 2015

The response to such a sickening tragedy as the Paris terrorist attacks of Friday 13th is normally a tale of two halves – the small acts of kindness by Paris locals, who opened their doors to those seeking safety via the hashtag ‘porteouverte’, and, on a global scale, monuments around … read more

Syria: A flip of a coin

28th October 2015

By now, the West has become desensitized to the raging Non-International Armed Conflict (NIAC) in Syria and used to the fumbling response by western powers. At the same time Vladimir Putin has danced around the issue with ease, at first wrecking America’s red lines by getting Assad to agree to … read more

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