Labour on course for best election result since 2001

20th May 2017

The Conservative lead over Labour has now reduced to only 9 points in the latest poll. Labour enjoy a record 35% vote share, rising from 26% just three weeks ago. If the current trend continues, Labour could be on course to receive upwards of 39% of the vote in the upcoming … read more

Theresa May: What kind of Prime Minister will she be?

11th July 2016

Today, Theresa May unexpectedly won the Conservative leadership contest, after the 1922 Committee declared that after Andrea Leadsom’s withdrawal from the contest, she will be the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and very soon. But who is she, and what are her policies? By publicly stating that she … read more

The Panama Papers: The real problem

20th April 2016

The tables have been turned; instead of all eyes being on Corbyn’s party woes, they have turned to a possible Cameron resignation over tax avoidance. The left celebrate at the slow unravelling of the Conservative party, initially with the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith over cruel disability cuts, and now … read more

Spinners and Losers: Is the Tory Machine Losing it?

17th April 2016

In May 2005, the Conservative Party had suffered a historic third election defeat. They were left in the political wilderness, repeatedly thwarted by Tony Blair and New Labour who had taken over a Party in a position, not dissimilar to that of Michael Howard’s Conservatives. There are many reasons to … read more

Opinion: The bankruptcy of George Osborne

1st April 2016

Yet again the news is dominated by the fallout of a George Osborne budget. The Chancellor produced another series of goodies, which on closer inspection turned out to be poisonous. Growth forecasts have been downgraded, debt as a percentage of GDP has been revised upwards and over 30 billion of … read more

The EU Referendum deal: Inconvenient Truths

30th March 2016

The Conservative Party made much of it’s promise of an EU referendum in the run up to the May 2015 election.  They did this even to the showboating extent of having a daring, or attention-seeking, heckler turn up to a United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) event and tell those who … read more

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