Cutting the costs of crime: For a more equitable prison system

4th September 2016

Violent crime costs the UK over £124 billion a year, £4,700 for every household. The biggest assault on the public purse is prison expenditure. The annual cost of a prison place in England and Wales marks around £37,648. This surpasses the fees of even the most prestigous private schools. Yet … read more

Teens, Not Criminals: The journey towards a Second-Chance Society

29th January 2016

Following a High Court ruling on the 22nd of January, it has been declared that criminal record checks are ‘unlawful‘ and ‘arbitrary’ because they force those applying to certain jobs (such as teaching and social care) to disclose “minor silliness.” By this the judges meant non-violent offences that have been … read more

Crime and inequality: A dangerous misunderstanding

4th November 2015

Police and Crime Commissioners through England are seeking legal advice on government proposals to change the way that funding is allocated to forces across the country. The changes could see funding cuts to some forces and the PCCs argue that this will make it impossible for them to do their … read more