Corbyn vs May: Transport Policy

5th June 2017

How Could the Future of British Public Transport be Changed Post-Election? With all the uproar following the Brexit referendum nearly a year ago, you could be forgiven for thinking that the UK’s divorce from the EU was the only political issue of any significance at the moment. Whilst it is … read more

Labour on course for best election result since 2001

20th May 2017

The Conservative lead over Labour has now reduced to only 9 points in the latest poll. Labour enjoy a record 35% vote share, rising from 26% just three weeks ago. If the current trend continues, Labour could be on course to receive upwards of 39% of the vote in the upcoming … read more

Belarus: Dictator wins election, Europe does not care

20th October 2015

Elections in Europe have been rather fun recently; in Greece the anti-austerity party, Syriza, under the tie-less leadership of Alexis Tsipras have triumphed (twice) over more formally attired parties. In Spain, the equally austerity-phobic, Podemos (fashion habits of leadership unresearched) became the second largest party in the country. Even the … read more

The Catalonian Elections: What it means for independence and for Spain

2nd October 2015

Little under a week ago the Catalonian people spoke out; despite the fact that separatist platform ‘Together for Yes’ obtained a majority of 62 seats in the Catalonian parliament, they failed to get an absolute majority. So, Artur Mas, seperatist and current president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the regional government, and leader … read more

The case for a reformed (but still unelected) House of Lords

1st September 2015

In the wake of recent scandals involving members of the House of Lords, there is once again increased scrutiny on Parliament’s upper chamber. To an outsider unfamiliar with British politics, and indeed many seasoned British political aficionados, the Lords appears to be a relic of the past and an impediment … read more

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