Keeping the UK together means a radical new settlement

7th September 2016

The SNP launched a new drive towards a second independence referendum with the ‘biggest listening exercise in SNP history’ this week. Arguably, the threat of Scottish Independence is of even greater importance to the future of the UK than our membership of EU. Although the Brexit decision will fundamentally change … read more

‘Brexit’ and Sovereignty: Are They Getting Confused?

15th May 2016

As the European Campaign intensifies, Ryan McCullough explores the issue of sovereignty, and whether it’s as clear cut as the ‘Brexiters’ think. The issue of national sovereignty has dominated the EU referendum campaign so far. Vote Leave, in particular, has been vocal about what they perceive to be the eradication … read more

The EU Referendum deal: Inconvenient Truths

30th March 2016

The Conservative Party made much of it’s promise of an EU referendum in the run up to the May 2015 election.  They did this even to the showboating extent of having a daring, or attention-seeking, heckler turn up to a United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) event and tell those who … read more

The EU referendum: a historic choice

21st February 2016

Much is being made of Cameron’s renegotiation of the terms of the UK’s EU membership in the press, but this represents nothing new for those old enough to have already voted on Britain’s membership of the European community. David Cameron faces a similar renegotiation process as Harold Wilson over 40 … read more

EU Referendum: David Cameron allows ministers free vote

6th January 2016

David Cameron confirmed yesterday that Conservative ministers will be given a free vote ahead of the EU referendum, to be held before 2018. The Prime Minister announced the decision in the House of Commons on Tuesday following speculation that Chris Grayling, Leader of the Conservative Party, would resign were the ministers … read more

The Spanish elections: What the results mean for Spain and the rest of us

21st December 2015

The frontpage of El Español, A Spanish daily newspaper, tomorrow reads “The Rajoy disaster leaves government in the wind”. Undoubtedly tonight’s result was something that Rajoy, Spain’s incumbent Prime Minister, and leader of the center-right pro-austerity People’s Party (PP) was dreading. The result tonight leaves Spain unsure who will be … read more

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