Belarus: Dictator wins election, Europe does not care

20th October 2015

Elections in Europe have been rather fun recently; in Greece the anti-austerity party, Syriza, under the tie-less leadership of Alexis Tsipras have triumphed (twice) over more formally attired parties. In Spain, the equally austerity-phobic, Podemos (fashion habits of leadership unresearched) became the second largest party in the country. Even the … read more

Golden Dawn: Why they must be taken seriously

16th October 2015

The Greek Neo-Nazi party, Golden Dawn, has caused a tremendous sensation in the European political scenario, becoming the first choice among many of the youth in Greece. However, with the rampant economic crisis, and the massive arrival of refugees from Syria and Iraq, Golden Dawn has the potential to become a … read more

The Catalonian Elections: What it means for independence and for Spain

2nd October 2015

Little under a week ago the Catalonian people spoke out; despite the fact that separatist platform ‘Together for Yes’ obtained a majority of 62 seats in the Catalonian parliament, they failed to get an absolute majority. So, Artur Mas, seperatist and current president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the regional government, and leader … read more

A trip on behalf of a nation?

23rd September 2015

Social media went into frenzy after clips of Hungarian camerawoman, Petra Laszlo surfaced on two different occasions, showing her tripping over refugees trying to escape the Hungarian-Serbian border. Laszlo, who worked for the right-wing Hungarian TV station, N1TV, has since been fired. However, what was mentioned but overlooked by mainstream … read more

Fraud in Europe’s Poorest Nation: How Has Moldova Lost $1billion?

18th September 2015

Since March this year, Europe’s poorest country, Moldova, has been gripped by the largest demonstrations since the country’s independence in 1991. Some 100,000 Moldovans have gathered under the banner of a new grassroots movement named Dreptate și Adevăr (Truth and Dignity), led by prominent Moldovan Journalists, lawyers and business people. … read more

The Russian Bear in Syria

17th September 2015

As if blatantly seizing the Crimea and fostering civil strife in Eastern Ukraine wasn’t enough, Russia now has its paws swiping around in Syria. Perhaps it has been there for a while and we are only just realising it, yet the fact that Russia so readily takes action it deems … read more

Opinion: The hidden reality of the Greek and Cypriot Bailout

13th September 2015

One of the most controversial aspects of the European Union, has been the bailout of Cyprus and Greece, on which bank deposits takeout were imposed by the troika, up to a staggering 50%. What could look like as a desperate decision to keep up the EU Frankenstein monster from falling … read more

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