Corruption on the Paranoá: The Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff

15th December 2015

Living in the UK, we don’t tend to hear much about developments in the Latin American world. For various historic and ethnographic reasons, stories emerging from Central and Southern America tend to gain little mainstream press coverage here. It’s a shame really, because the Spanish and Portuguese speaking regions of … read more

Venezuela and Wall Street: A dangerous liason

2nd September 2015

When we think about Venezuela, the first images that come to our minds are those of President Hugo Chavez insulting the USA, Wall Street and the Big Corporations, making a speech about the freedom of the Latin Americans, and of the greatness of Simon Bolivar. One might proclaim that Chavez, and his Socialism … read more

Venezuela: The Coming Collapse of the Bolivarian Regime

18th August 2015

Nicolas Maduro, the president of Venezuela, has announced the existence of a Plot directed by the Far Right, and ordered by the US to sabotage Venezuela; Maduro spoke about the Plan Buitre (Vulture Plan), that the US, in collusion with the Venezuelan opposition is trying to carry out. This is nothing … read more