Military Coups: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

5th September 2016

  Most countries at one time or another have had their destinies changed by the intervention of their militaries into their internal politics.  Brazil’s military moved against their monarchy making the country henceforth a republic.  In the closing chapter of the English Civil Wars General George Monck made the fateful … read more

Turkey’s week of terror leads country to the brink

2nd August 2015

Last week’s bomb attack in the Turkish town of Suruç, which left 32 people dead has triggered a chain of events which has led to Turkey belatedly joining the war on ISIS, aswell as ending a long-standing ceasefire with the Kurdish PKK. Turkey’s week of terror beginning in Suruç on July … read more

Turkey and the politics of force

30th July 2015

Expectation of the future always keeps nations in constant suspense and agitation over what course potential allies will take. Especially in our age of protracted asymmetric warfare and conflict that blurs the line between victory and defeat. It seems to have taken an inordinate amount of time for Turkey to … read more